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The Laughman - "The Man With the Most Contagious Laugh in the World"

When a comedian at the Comedy Barn in Tennessee asked for volunteers during a show back in 2003 he got more than he bargained for. Doug Collins, a bus driver from Tennessee was brought on stage where a live microphone caught his bizarre laugh setting off a laugh riot. The audience laughed at his laugh, which caused Collins to laugh even more. A monster laughing fit went on for over 10 minutes. The comedians who were supposed to perform left the stage. 

The video would be played on Good Morning America and radio stations around the world and Collins would be dubbed "the man with the most contagious laugh in the world." Collins would be featured in the  documentary Laughology. In Laughology, a team of British Neuroscientists scan Collins brain to try and figure out why his laugh is so contagious. Collins was also tested by MTV, and walked from room to room where he sets off peals of laughter wherever he goes.

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Doug Collins is now The Laughman.


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